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Letter of Founder

Letter from our Founder

For me, Tay Ho represents family.

I grew up watching my parents work hard to make the best bánh cuốn possible. I sat in restaurants doing homework while my mom helped customers, watched my grandmother bring all of us together for dinner every night.

Being able to create something people love and share it with everyone is our goal as Tay Ho continues to grow. Vietnamese cuisine tells a story, and there’s a lot of love and work that goes into it. Even now, our priority is to bring you delicious and handmade food just like I had with my family.

Looking up to those who came before me is what inspires me to work hard and give back whenever I have the chance. It also helps me believe in myself, that I can do anything I set my mind to no matter who I am. Family is why I love what I do so much, since it means getting to continue their dream and their legacy.


As Tay Ho expands, I want all of our customers walking into our restaurants to feel like they are family. I hope you’ll stop by soon to enjoy our recipes —the same ones passed down across generations— and get an honest taste of Vietnam!


Yours truly,

Vivian Yenson


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