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New Choice Chicken Broth NO MSG


Water, Chicken, Salt, Sugar, Dried chicken stock , Fried onion (Onion, Soybean oil), Dextrose. 

New choice Chicken Broth is made from chicken meat, slow cooked and concentrated to maintain the chicken’s flavor. No artificial flavors or added colors

Suggestion of cooking: 

Pour the contents into a cooking pot together Chicken broth and heat slowly until hot. 

Chicken broth is used to cook Chicken PHO, soup, rice noodles or can be used as desired. 

Use in your favorite recipes, or serve as a hot beverage. Quick and easy even for children or people who have just started to learn cooking.

We have 3 size :

* Pack / 12 cans - 14oz / can

* Pack / 6 cans - 26oz / can

* Pack / 6 cans - 42oz / can

For whole sale direct from the manufacture. Please contact us for more information.

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